of the farm: core

The center of our “Of the Farm” series, Core is made with apples from an orchard in Plowville, PA, where John Updike spent a part of his youth, then wrote his novel of the same name based on his formative years there.

With seasonal variability, this batch was wild fermented, then aged for 9 months, for a delightfully dry, crisp, and thirst-quenching cider with a very light underlying funk. Created with a blend of seven locally-grown apples.


of the bine: motueka + cashmere

Our hopped ciders continue to evolve with this, our third batch. This time around, we conditioned on more oats, and increased the dry-hopping with the delightful combination of Motueka Hops from New Zealand, and Cashmere Hops from Washington state. A blast of tropical aromas greet the nose, followed by a pleasant, almost creamy mouthfeel, and the juicy nectar and stone fruit notes of these fine hops.


of the farm: cherry cardamom

We are passionate about creating flavors with items from our local producers, but we do make some exceptions! Our (local!) friend traveled to the country of Jordan, and brought back a gift of some of the freshest, most aromatic cardamom we have ever experienced, and we made a cider with it! Along with Sour Cherries from our friends at Weaver’s Orchard, we offer Of the Farm Cherry Cardamom, a dry and lightly tart Cider with all of the aromas and flavor notes you would expect from such a delicious combination. Cheers!


of the wild: threads of gold

Paw Paws, Saffron, and Rose Hips?! Take a palate-pleasing Excursion with this delicate and worldly cider! Of the Wild: Threads of Gold starts with a wild fermentation, followed by a long rest on second-use Paw Paws. We then introduce the most valued spice in the world, Saffron, which brings a deep yellow hue and subtle earthiness. Finally, a touch of organic Rose Hips lends some complex tannic qualities. The result is a uniquely beautiful and delicious cider, a true Excursion for your taste buds!


of the farm: amigos viejos

Old friends can make the best things in life even better! In the spirit of those closest to us and the fond memories they conjure, we offer this delightfully refreshing cider. House-grown Lemongrass and Baby Ginger grown by our old friends at B&H Organic Farm down the road in Morgantown suggest the essence of the tropics created through the talents of our local friends. Enjoy cider with old friends!


of the woods: jolly ron coco

If there’s one thing that goes best with Rum, it’s got to be Coconut! We took a part of our Jolly Ron, a Rum barrel aged dry cider, and rested it on pounds and pounds of luscious coconut. After spending two months in that Manatawny Stillworks barrel and another month on the coconut, the result is a delightfully tropical cider, that will transport you to sunny days on white sand beaches. Take a sip, and let your mind take an Excursion. Cheers!


of the vine: french taxi

Our “Of the Vine” series continues to blur the lines between cider and wine. French Taxi is an aged dry cider rested on Cabernet Franc grape pomace for over two months. With light notes of the famed red wine and a pleasant tanic structure, this one will keep your mind guessing at what you’re actually drinking! A special thanks to Manatawny Creek Winery in Douglassville, PA for the supply of pomace and friendship.


of the woods: rasp y oak

Second-use Raspberries & French Oak. We continue to play with fermentation techniques and borrow a method more commonly used among beer brewers with Of the Farm: Raspy Oak. After fermenting this cider to complete dryness, we introduce second-use Raspberries – or raspberries already once used in a previous cider – and let it sit for some time along with copious amounts of French Oak and a touch of Vanilla. This method is an example of re-use, and a way to create interesting flavor profiles with ingredients that are typically considered finished. The result? A beautifully stated light raspberry presence with a subtle smoothing vanilla, and an underlying but pronounced oakiness. Cheers!


of the farm: wineberry

A taste of Summer with foraged wild Wineberries! There’s nothing quite like wandering around the woods in the Summertime and coming across a patch of Wineberries along the trail. The miniature wild raspberries burst with flavor, and make a day outdoors a special treat. The only problem is that they are an invasive species, and have been crowding out our native blackberries and raspberries. So the best thing to do is to pick them all! And that’s what we did, then we jam-packed them into a cider for your drinking pleasure. Please enjoy!


sweet cider spritzer

Looking for a cider with a bit of sweetness? We have you covered with this delightful and refreshing spritzer made with all PA apples.


2sp the russian

9% Russian Imperial Stout by 2SP Brewing (Aston, PA)

The beer that put their brewer, Bob Barrar, on the map. A nice big beer with a ton of espresso notes on the nose and pallet, along with heavy chocolate and roasty notes.
GABF Gold Winner 2016, 2017

$8/10oz draft

love city eraserhood

7.2% lynchian hazy ipa by Love City Brewing (Phila, PA)

A love letter to their neighborhood, the Eraserhood. This juicy hazy ipa is tripple dry-hopped to bring intense flavors of mango and pineapple.

$7/10oz draft

sly fox pikeland pils

4.9% German Pilsner by Sly Fox Brewing Co (Pottstown)

A classic and refreshing Northern German style Pilsner brewed with imported German pils malt and hopped with German and Czech hops. Light in body, light straw in color and dry.

$6/12oz can

sly fox softly falling darkness

5.9% Oatmeal Stout by Sly Fox Brewing Co (Pottstown)

A deep, rich stout softened by heaps of flaked and malted oats. Velvety notes of dark chocolate dance across the palate.

$6/12oz can

hares hill star dust neipa *sold out*

6.4% hazy IPA from our fine neighbors at Hares Hill Brewing Co (Kimberton)

$7/16oz can

hares hill shovel-head ipa

5% hazy American IPA from our fine neighbors at Hares Hill Brewing Co (Kimberton)

$7/16oz can

top dog cocktails
  • Whiskey Lemonade ~ 12.5% abv ~ A bright, lemon aroma starts this tasty cocktail followed by a prominently smooth whiskey with a vibrant lemon burst and subtle sweetness.
  • Greyhound Vodka with Grapefruit, Rosemary, and Elderflower ~ 12.5% abv ~ A classic cocktail featuring vodka and grapefruit, Greyhound is reimagined with the aromatics and flavors of rosemary and elderflower.

$10/12oz can over ice

apple brandy

Manatawny Still Works Apple Brandy (Pottstown) served straight or with hot cider +$2


honey whiskey

Manatawny Still Works Honey Whiskey (Pottstown) served straight or with hot cider +$2


golden rum

Manatawny Still Works Golden Rum (Pottstown) served straight or with hot cider +$2


sweet cider – OUT OF STOCK!

Award winning preservative-free apple cider from our friends at Weaver’s Orchard in nearby Morgantown, PA. Served hot or cold


grapefruit seltzer

House made seltzer with organic grapefruit juice.


organic hot tea (assorted)

Assorted flavors of organic tea.



Our locally-focused food menu changes weekly!

Local Cheeseboard – $21
  • Tomme – an organic & biodynamic Alpine-style cave-aged cheese from Kimberton Hills Dairy, Kimberton, PA
  • Ola lactic bloomy rind made with pasteurized cow’s milk. Soft and delicate like a cloud. From Birchrun Hills Dairy, Chester Springs, PA
  • Lavender Chevré – a fresh goat’s milk cheese, creamy and soft, with a light touch of local Lavender. From Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, Elverson, PA
  • PA Cheddar a delightful and delicious aged Cheddar from Birchrun Hills Farm, Chester Springs, PA
  • Served up with honey, jam, fruit, nuts and toasty bread. *gluten free crackers available upon request

PA Dutch Platter – $18
  • Assortment of PA made ring bologna and kielbasa, Seven Stars organic Cheddar, house-made pickles, mustard & toast

PA Popcorn! – $3
  • Warm, salty, seasoned goodness made with PA-grown popcorn. Need we say more?!
Bacon-Apple-Blue Toast – $14
  • Local Bacon from Wild Run Farm in Douglassville, with Birchrun Hills Blue Cheese, Weaver’s Pink Lady Apples, Arugula & a balsamic drizzle. Served warm, open-faced style.

Chimmichuri-Curds-Peppers Toast – $12
  • House-made Cilantro Chimmichuri, Birchrun Hills Cheese Curds, roasted Red Peppers, pickled Red Onions, and pickled Jalapeños. Served warm, open-faced style.

Veggie Cheese Dip – $14
  • A house-made Veggie & Cheese Dip with Spinach, Red Peppers, Green Onions & fresh Herbs and a local 3-cheese blend. Served with toast.

House Mac n’ cheese – $10
  • House-made Mac n’ Cheese with a blend of local cheeses, spinach, parsley, and organic noodles. Add local-raised smoked Ham for $2

❤ Artisan Chocolates! ❤
  • A truly special treat! Handmade and hand-painted Bon Bons by our friend Aurora Grace Chocolates from Philadelphia.
    • Bon Bons – Creme Brulee or Raspberry Rose | $3.50 each

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